Quartz Supreme 85E/125/150/165

The heart of thermal plate processing is the four-station Quartz Supreme processor. Designed and built for optimal processing of thermal plates, the Quartz processor is standard equipment for many of the world's most prestigious printers. The system's four-station design provides consistent, high-quality plate development, rinsing and finishing for optimal plate performance and reliability on press.

Many user-friendly features have been added to the Quartz Supreme platform to make plate processing easier, faster, and more economical.

Plate throughput and chemistry replenishment are sensor-operated to boost efficiency and minimize operator intervention.

The processor is equipped with af touch screen control panel for ease of operations. Status, alarms and settings are monitored via the user-friendly panel, which also has a built-in on-line help for easy navigation saving operator time.

The Quartz Supreme plate processor has been developed in close co-operation with the leading thermal plate manufacturers.

Key Benefits:

  • The logical touch panel allows easy and user-friendly monitoring of status, alarms and settings
  • Possibility of connection directly to modem for remote monitoring and control
  • A hinged top cover gives easy access to tank sections, developer, wash, gum and dryer
  • The top operated developer filter housing allows the filter to be easily removed, eliminating the need for emptying the tank prior to filter removal

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The equipment will be delivered with a hardcopy of the Safety Instruction Manual and the CE Declaration of Conformity.

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