PlateWriter 2000

PlateWriter 2000
  • Second generation of  iCtP  Computer-to-Plate systems
  • Produce press-ready aluminum plates without the use of chemical processing
  • High quality digital plates with accurate registration
  • For small to medium format offset printers


  • Affordability

    Significantly smaller investment than the cost of current, laser-based plate imaging systems. Contact your dealer for a personal Return on Investment calculation.

  • Ease of use

    Operates in daylight conditions and makes press-ready plates in minutes without additional equipment or chemicals.

  • Environmentally friendly

    No use of processing chemicals or water, and therefore no chemical disposal costs. Also extremely energy efficient.

  • Flexibility

    A wide variety of iPlate sizes and gauges are available and they can be used interchangably without adjusting any settings.

  • High quality output

    FM or stochastic screening capable of emulating 175 lpi conventional screening.

  • Reduced plate production costs

    The cost per plate is less than conventional metal platemaking methods, with a dramatic reduction in labor expenses and no need for film or chemicals.

  • The complete solution

    Everything you need to start making plates is included - from the imaging engine and finishing unit with automated gumming station, to the Harlequin RIP with its own powerful hardware platform.


Model PlateWriter 2000
Market position Low volume and speed
Imaging technology 8 x 180 Ultra high definition imaging array (1440 dual density nozzles delivering up to 2880 dpi)
Imaging resolution 1440 x 1440 dpi or 2880 x 2880 dpi
Imaging fluid Patented aqueous Liquid Dot™ technology
Plate types Standard aluminium iPlates
Plate thickness 0.15-0.2 mm (0.006-0.008”)
Plate width (max) 459 mm (18")
Plate length 274-610 mm (10.8-24”)
Max imaging size (WxL) 432 x 593 mm (17 x 23.3”)
Plate registration Low friction bearing mounted sidebar register
Imaging speed 8:32 min/plate (400 x 511 mm / 15.7 x 20.1”)
Green credentials
Chemistry consumption None (Inkjet based system)
Water consumption None required
Power consumption (stand-by) 0.06 kW (200 BTU/hour)
Power consumption (average) 0.4 kW (1,445 BTU/hour) based on 200 plates/month
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1942 x 884 x 1182 mm (76.4 x 34.8 x 46.5”)
Weight 165 kg (363 lbs)

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