Preventive Maintenance Kits

Preventive Maintenance kits - OEM

Service and preventive maintenance is crucial to maintain the quality and maximize the uptime of every plate processor. We want to help make this as easy and affordable as possible for you and for your customer.

Based on our experience and through dialogue with a number of customers, we have therefore defined three levels of Preventive Maintenance Kits for our CtP plate processor platforms.

Under ONE part number you will find all the parts that we recommend are replaced once every year or at a predetermined number of production hours, whatever comes first. 

4-year Preventive Maintenance Cycle

Preventive maintenance should be carried out annually on a processor from the time it is 1 year old; however, the best way to ensure ideal maintenance is to look at the processor's platform and total number of production hours.

Note: At the end of this 4-year cycle, simply start with the first kit again. 

Preventive Maintenance Kits give your customers peace-of-mind, maximize vital uptime and minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Your service technician always has what he needs with him, saving you time and money and letting the customer plan the service call to match his schedule.

By buying the needed part as a kit, you also get the benefit of a 20% price savings versus buying the parts individually. This makes Preventive Maintenance Kits a more affordable option for you and your customers. 

Hop on Board with Older Processors

It is also possible to start the Preventive Maintenance program on previously installed machines - simply use the processor platform and total number of production hours to see which kit to start with, then continue with the maintenance at regularly scheduled intervals (annually or more often for processors with higher than average production hours.)

Kit Contents and Instructions for Glunz & Jensen processors

 Model  Kit Contents  Level  Instructions
 HDX Thermal  HDX 85T
 HDX 125T
 Minor  10061322_D_A4.pdf
 Medium  10061323_C_A4.pdf
 Major  10061324_B_A4.pdf
 HDX Polymer  HDX 85P (MD20)
 HDX 85P (MD40)
 HDX 125P
 Minor  10061703_D_A4.pdf
 Medium  10061704_B_A4.pdf
 Major  10061705_C_A4.pdf
 Raptor Thermal   Raptor 68/85T
 Raptor+ 68/85T
 Minor  10062251_B_A4.pdf
 Medium  10062252_B_A4.pdf
 Major  10062253_B_A4.pdf
 Raptor Polymer  Raptor 68/85P
 Raptor+ 68/85P
 Minor  10062254_C_A4.pdf
 Medium  10062255_B_A4.pdf
 Major  10062256_B_A4.pdf
 Gecko Thermal  Gecko 85T
 Gecko+ 85T
 Minor  10062251_B_A4.pdf
 Medium  10062252_B_A4.pdf
 Major  10062253_B_A4.pdf
 Gecko Polymer  Gecko 85P
 Gecko+ 85P
 Minor  10062254_C_A4.pdf
 Medium  10062255_B_A4.pdf
 Major  10062256_B_A4.pdf
 Gecko 125  Gecko 125T  Minor  
 Quartz Supreme  Quartz 85
 Quartz 125/150/165
 Minor  10062428_A_A4.pdf
 Medium  10062429_B_A4.pdf
 Major  10062430_B_A4.pdf
 Clean Out Unit  COU 85/120
 COU+ 85/120
 Minor  10062431_C_A4.pdf
 Medium  10062432_C_A4.pdf
 Major  10062433_C_A4.pdf
 InterPlater HD  InterPlater 85 HD T
 InterPlater 135 HD T
 InterPlater 85 HD P
 InterPlater 135 HD P
 General checklist    

 10062100_A_A4 Checklist.pdf

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