Clean-Out Unit+ C85 / C120

The Glunz & Jensen Clean-Out Unit C+85 and C+120 is designed to wash and gum the negative working chemistry-free thermal plates in a single step process using a dedicated wash-gum solution. An integrated dryer section at the end of the unit makes sure that the plates are fully dry and ready for use when leaving the clean-out unit.

The systems differentiates itself from other plate handling systems as no developer is used to process the plate and as such excludes most processing variables providing reliable, consistent results. The straight forward and simple design ensure ease of use as well as low maintenance and make the Clean-Out Unit C+ ideal for the small to medium commercial printer.



New design introduces new and valuable improvements for the end user.

  • Easier daily operation
  • Higher performance
  • Extended gum replacement cycle
  • Remote diagnostics



  • Trouble-free cleaning and maintenance

    An easy-lift top cover provides access to snap lock mounted brushes, rollers, spray bars and guides, and they are replaced in minutes – without the use of tools or the need to re-calibrate.

  • Simple control panel

    New control panel with function keys that allow for easy program change. Status and error messages are explained on the screen, while simple indicator lights let you know that things are running smoothly.

  • Ethernet configuration

    New and easy way to configure software through ethernet. Create new standard processing programs and update software. 


  • Preventive Maintenance Kits

    The necessary original spare parts and step-by-step instructions to complete the recommended annual maintenance on you plate processor, to keep it in top running condition.

  • Delivery table

    The delivery table manages the processed plates while the operator feed plates to the processor. It is mounted at the processor exit and collect plates as they have been processed.
    For automatic online configurations it is recommended to use a stacker instead, which can handle a higher capacity.

  • Feed table

    Easy feeding of plates into the processor when it is used in an offline or manual configuration by adding a table surface/top for resting plates onto when they are fed into the processor.
    For inline configurations you can use a conveyor  to connect with the CtP, instead of a feed table.

  • Plate stacking

    Several models of stackers are available, including everything from a convenient compact stacker to a heavy-duty VLF stacker, meeting your every plate stacking need.

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Cleaning Unit
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Cleaning Unit
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