Clean Out Unit C85 / C120

The Glunz & Jensen Clean-Out Unit C85 and C120 is designed to wash and gum the negative working chemistry-free thermal plates in a single step process using a dedicated wash-gum solution. An integrated dryer section at the end of the unit makes sure that the plates are fully dry and ready for use when leaving the clean-out unit.

The systems differentiates itself from other plate handling systems as no developer is used to process the plate and as such excludes most processing variables providing reliable, consistent results. The straight forward and simple design ensure ease of use as well as low maintenance and make the Clean-Out Unit C85 and C120 ideal for the small to medium commercial printer.

Key Benefits:

  • One clean/gum finisher solution that cleans and gums the plate in one operation
  • Environmentally friendly finisher solution
  • Closed system that requires no water
  • Fully automatic replenish system based on 2 external containers ensures re-circulation and clean plates
  • Filter system for ciculation and replenishment
  • Automatic container alarm in each container
  • Reduced down time for cleaning and chemistry change
  • Small footprint


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