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Energistyrelsen støtter SDU spin-out (Artikel fra Syddansk Universitet)

Med engagementet fra Glunz & Jensen kan vi rulle teknologien ud i den grafiske branche. Og med hjælpen fra Energistyrelsen kan vi sætte blus på vort andet forretningsområde, der går på at hærde overflader i farve/lak- og møbelindustrien, siger direktør Jens Kr. Damsgaard.

Iværksættervirksomhed, der er grundlagt på forskning fra SDU, får 2,5 millioner til at arbejde videre med ny metode til at hærde overflader.

Iværksættervirksomheden Othonia Curing Technology A/S, der er udsprunget af forskning på SDU, kan nu sige alle gode gange 3. Først blev UV-teknologien til at hærde overflader med købt ud af SDU med hjælp fra Energi Fyn, Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation og Science Ventures Denmark. Så købte børsnoterede Glunz & Jensen sig ind.
Og nu har Energistyrelsen meddelt at de støtter virksomheden med 2,5 mio. fra det såkaldte EUDP-program, som sigter på at fremme ny klimavenlig energiteknologi, der øger forsynings-sikkerheden og realiserer Danmarks erhvervspotentialer på energiområdet. Pengene suppleres med et lignende beløb fra projektparterne.
- Med engagementet fra Glunz & Jensen kan vi rulle teknologien ud i den grafiske branche. Og med hjælpen fra Energistyrelsen kan vi sætte blus på vort andet forretningsområde, der går på at hærde overflader i farve/lak- og møbelindustrien, siger direktør Jens Kr. Damsgaard.

Fra forskning til industriprodukt
Også opfinderne er glade for, at deres forskning omsættes til konkrete produkter i industrien.
- Efter at have arbejdet med LED-teknologien i nogle år er det spændende at se, hvordan vi kan udnytte den i forskelige forretningsområder. Først stiftede vi Fionia Lighting, der arbejder med LED-lys til gartnerierhvervet, og nu er det Othonia Curing Technology, som arbejder med UV-LED til hærdning, siger udviklingskonsulent Poul Lindstorff Johansen fra SDU Erhverv – TEK Innovation.

Projektet gennemføres af parterne Othonia Curing Technology, Glunz & Jensen Microflex, Teknos, One wood furniture og SDU.

Grafisk Kvik Service and Glunz & Jensen join forces

As part of the strategy to offer service and support the entire product portfolio, Glunz & Jensen has acquired Grafisk Kvik Service ApS (GKS) from September 1, 2013.


Expografica 2013

The Expografica 2013 exhibition, located in Guadalajara Mexico was held during May 22 - 25. More than 16,000 people were pre-registered to attend to visit the more than 230 exhibitors occupying more than 20,000 m2.

Glunz & Jensen was present at Expografica 2013 in Guadalajara, Mexico and actively involved with several of our OEM partners, including DuPont’s distributor, Grupo Novaro. Grupo Novaro was exhibiting DuPont’s 1000 EDLF exposure unit, which is produced by Glunz & Jensen Degraf. Glunz & Jensen Degraf was also represented at the Kodak stand with a Concept 405 DW, where they completed sales for three complete Concept 400 Series prepress lines and an all-in-one Concept 201C unit.

Glunz & Jensen (offset products) were represented in the exhibition by our Dealers, including the iCtP PlateWriter 3000 in the Fujifilm de Mexico booth. Market interest in the PlateWriter 3000 was very strong and kept the Fujifilm sales representatives busy throughout the exhibition.

While Glunz & Jensen didn’t have a booth in the exhibition, our Glunz & Jensen logo was present in several distributor booths throughout the hall. The Americas sales team walked the show floor and met with our key OEM partners and Dealers over the course of a few days. They were warmly greeted and the meetings were very productive and the outlook for the Mexican graphics arts market is very optimistic. We are looking forward to the renewed business opportunities in the coming months and years.

Expografica caters to the local Mexican market, featuring both flexo and offset printing equipment. The exhibition was a successful one for exhibitors with many visitors and much interest generated.

Success at Grafitalia 2013

Glunz & Jensen Degraf attended Grafitalia & Converflex with an Italian business partner, Simonazzi S.r.l., who distributes Degraf flexo equipment.

Many customer and parners from Italy, Spain and also Venezuela visited us at the exhibition; in particular, there was a great deal of interest in our Concept 305 DW processor, which was shown on the booth. Several sales and committments was signed during the exhibition, proving it  to be a successful and positive experience.

Info*Flex 2013 exhibition in San Diego

The FTA (Flexographic Technical Association) held their annual Forum conference and Info*Flex 2013 exhibition at the San Diego (California) Convention Center on April 28 – May 1. The events drew 1,600 attendees from all over, and Glunz & Jensen/Degraf was one of the proud Platinum Sponsors of the Info*Flex exhibition. 

While Glunz & Jensen/Degraf did not have a booth in the exhibition, we were well represented by our many Dealers, Distributors and OEM Partner who did have booths; showing Glunz & Jensen logos, brochures and video presentations of our equipment.

Area Sales Managers Mike Buggé and Nigel Walsh, and General Manager Jacques Dutard walked the show floor and met with all of our Dealers, Distributors and OEM Partners over the two day Info*Flex show period to review the Degraf and Microflex product programs. Our dealers and partners were pleased to meet with us and remained very positive about our product portfolio, and were eager to hear about our new product developments. They were also very optimistic about their new sales opportunities for our products in the upcoming months.

We look forward to the continued cooperation with our Dealers, Distributors and OEM Partners, and we thank them for supporting Glunz & Jensen/Degraf and Microflex at this important annual event.

Strategic acquisition expands business activities for Flexo

Glunz & Jensen A/S has through its subsidiary Glunz & Jensen Microflex A/S acquired an initial 16.8% stake in the company Othonia Curing Technology A/S (Othonia). Othonia is developing an innovative computer-controlled UV LED concept for curing surfaces....

Glunz & Jensen´s 40th birthday on April 16.

Glunz & Jensen A/S was founded by Peter Glunz and Bjarne Jensen on the 16th of April 1973 and has since undergone a remarkable development. From film processors to plate processors and automation equipment and today also holding a portfolio of flexo equipment. We proudly thank every employee, customer, supplier and shareholder for 40 fantastic years!

Enhanced support out of our Suzhou site

Mr. Liang Zhao is our new service engineer in China.

Mr. Zhao´s new role is to support our flexo and offset dealers in Greater China and help promoting Glunz & Jensen products in China.

“Clean & Green” at Sault Printing Company

Sault Printing Company started the New Year by updating their plate making process to a state-of-the-art Glunz & Jensen PlateWriterTM 2500 CtP (computer-to-plate) system.

Glunz & Jensen introduced the PlateWriter 2500 in February 2012 as a mid-range CtP solution. The Platewriter applies a patented Liquid Dot image onto aluminum printing plates, much in the way that an inkjet printer prints onto paper. The imaging fluid is aqueous (water-based) which has no special requirement for disposal. The PlateWriter 2500 plate making system is among the most energy efficient and environment friendly plate makers on the market. It uses re-circulated heat to dry the plates, doesn’t require chemicals, and the plates are 100% recyclable aluminum. The Platewriter 2500 eliminates the need for darkroom film processing equipment and chemicals allowing Sault Printing to be produce environmentally friendly plates in normal daylight operation. Sault Printing Company purchased the 6th NewPlatewriter 2500 unit available in the United States!

“Sault Printing has waited years for technology to advance for CtP metal plates,” explains Ron Maleport, President of Sault Printing Company. “We never believed polyester plate CtP was the solution for us and we wanted to stay with metal plates, but hadn’t found an affordable and reliable metal CtP solution to date. Both polyester and metal plate CtP systems were overpriced for a company our size, until the Glunz & Jensen 2500 met our budget and performance expectations.”

The platemaking method that had been in place dated back to the pressroom days of Ron & Mick Maleport’s father Ted, original owner & founder of Sault Printing Company. Ron & Mick both remember the prepress days of exposing and tray developing film in a darkroom environment which later evolved into using a film processor. The method was time consuming and involved the use of chemicals..

“Now we can offer environmentally friendly printing services to our customers, which are competitively priced and gives us a more efficient process than was previously possible,” says Mick Maleport, Vice President & Pressroom Foreman. “We have been voted Best Print Shop in the EUP and are proud to be able to continue to offer the great service that our customers expect from us. I am sure that this new PlateWriter will help increase the quality and green profile of our products.”

In conclusion, Ron added  “We had the PlateWriter 2500 up and running in time to print the new expanded full color program for the 45th Annual I-500 …. we are very impressed with the production quality of the I-500 program using the Glunz & Jensen PlateWriter 2500.”

PHOTO CAPTION: L to R – Harold Couturier, President - Graphic Equipment; Ron Maleport, President - SPC; Mike Metrish, Head Pressman - SPC; Steve Swihart, Product Specialist - Glunz & Jensen; Mick Maleport, Vice President - SPC

Illinois weekly installs first NewWriter XL in North America

“Not having to maintain a processor is a big plus,” Best said. “And all of the color has been so much easier to deal with and we’re getting better registration on the press.”

Nigel Walsh - our new Degraf sales responsible for Asia Pacific region

Nigel Walsh has 28 years of experience in the flexo and offset industries and has held jobs at Horsell Graphic Industries, Dantex Graphics and most recently at Heights-UK Ltd. 

The first NewsWriter in the Southern hemisphere

The plates run so well on the press, the system is so easy to use and with the time saved in making plates it’s a great investment.

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Glunz & Jensen A/S and Nela sign a strategic partnership
Growth strategy in China is now paying off
Final day at Graph Expo

Despite the reputation of being the quietest day of the show, Day 4 at Graph Expo has been another unexpectedly successful and exciting day for Glunz & Jensen.

We have ended the show with a renewed energy and team spirit which is evident in the final sales numbers from this 4-day event. We thank our dealers, partners and customers for a great show and teamwork on the stand.


Doubling iCtP orders on Day 3

iCtP orders to Perez Trading and Fujifilm Mexico meant that Glunz & Jensen's Latin American team shone on Day 3 at Graph Expo. With help from additional orders from the Oldham Group, a normally quiet Tuesday at Graph Expo produced the same number of sales as the entire first 2 days of the show put together!

We look forward to a dynamite last day at Graph Expo today!

A fantastic Day 2!

Nineteen minutes after the opening of Graph Expo Day 2, Southern Lithoplate placed an order for 27 pieces of processors and plateline equipment! What a great start to the day!!

As the day progressed, the iCtP side was very busy with American customers and overseas customers, and by lunch time we could celebrate a huge milestone – the sale of the 1000th PlateWriter!

But it didn’t stop there – orders for iCtP units kept rolling in for Integraph, Graphic Associates and RMM Associates, topping yesterday’s iCtP sales by 50%.

PlateWriter no. 1000!

iCtP broke all records yesterday when we reached a landmark number of PlateWriter units sold.  At 12:00 p.m. on Monday, 8th October, the Oldham Group sold the 1000th PlateWriter!

In order to celebrate the 1000th unit sold, the owner of Kelly Printing, Tom Kelly, was presented with a certificate and a 3-month supply of free iPlates by Mark Baker-Homes, iCtP Business Unit Director at Glunz & Jensen.

He was quite shocked and very pleased.

Glunz & Jensen would like to thank all of our dealers for helping us reach this milestone and we eagerly anticipate reaching our next target – 1500 PlateWriters – with your excellent commitment.

Graph Expo starts in great style

Graph Expo started on Sunday 7th October, at 12:00 p.m., (a late start to accommodate the Chicago Marathon), but by 12:30, the Glunz & Jensen booth was buzzing with interested customers and at 1 p.m. we closed our first sale – an iCtP NewsWriter from the US dealer, the Oldham Group! iCtP Dealers RMM Associates and Fujifilm Mexico have also been very active on the stand.

We are looking forward to another busy day today (Monday) and the promise of many sales to come.

Glunz & Jensen are at Graph Expo exhibiting a PIKA Vision bender, a Gecko processor, an iCtP PlateWriter 3000 and an iCtP NewsWriter.

Video: We are saving time and money after only two months!

Watch video here...
Before we bought the system, we ran the numbers, but we already know after one month that we actually save money AND time.  With the NewsWriter we were able to retire many pieces of equipment...