Spare Parts

Glunz & Jensen has developed and manufactured prepress machinery for almost 40 years and we continue to support many of our machines well beyond the obligated seven years after phase out. With more than two hundred models in current production and back-catalogue, our customers rely on us to be able to help them keep their equipment running today, tomorrow and for many years to come. In order to do this, we keep more than 15.000 individual part-numbers on our price list and have the majority of these in-stock, available for world wide delivery to our dealers and service-providers, helping them to meet their obligation. By ordering parts through our spare parts centers, you receive new original Glunz & Jensen spare parts, ensuring that your equipment runs as it should, at the speed and quality for which it was meant.

Besides standard spare parts, we continue to work on maintaining and expanding our maintenance portfolio with relevant kits, tools and other supplies, which make life easier for our dealers and service providers, thereby adding value to the final product - Glunz & Jensen prepress equipment.

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