Glunz & Jensen offer an extensive iCtP Consumables program. Genuine Glunz & Jensen Consumables are specially formulated to provide the best image quality and most reliable print on press.

The cornerstone of our iCtP program is the iPlate - a universal plate that works with all our iCtP platforms, making stock keeping easier. We have a wide range of formats in our iPlates portfolio that are compatible with the majority of the presses on the market today. We also have the ability to make custom sizes that fit the specific needs of you and your customers. The iCtP consumables range also includes the specially formulated Liquid Dot ink, which allows you to image on to the iPlate, giving a high quality, long lasting plate, with a very small environmental footprint.

In addition to this, we have a range of tools and accessories in the iCtP Consumables range, completing the Glunz & Jensen iCtP program and giving you a full solution to offer to your customers.

To read more about iCtP and iCtP Consumables, please visit www.platewriter.com.