Thermal technology is often used by commercial printers with high requirements to resolution and visual appearance of the printed product, with an efficient production set-up.

The offset market offers a wide selection of thermal applications each with their own special characteristics and requirements to imaging and development.

We develop our processors in close co-operation with plate the manufacturers. We know the unique characteristics of every thermal application, and we can provide you with a processor configuration which is optimal to your specific choice of thermal application.

Whatever thermal application you choose, there is a Glunz & Jensen thermal processor to match your production needs. Application specific configuration kits assure that you get the optimal results.

Every processor is different to match the different requirements or preferences of printers, and you can rest assured that they are all offer the uncompromised reliability and consistency in application development, you can expect from a Glunz & Jensen processor.

Glunz & Jensen Offset Processors business

Most offset printers in the world today rely on Glunz & Jensen manufactured processors as a key component in their pre-press system to deliver offset plates with a consistent and predictable image quality.