Traditional platelines combine the Glunz & Jensen thermal processor with pre- or post- plate treatment. 
A typical plate line is e.g. a thermal processor combined with
- a post-bake oven module, to increase run-length of the plate
- a rins-gum unit, to re-gum the plate before press
- a stacker, to store plates from the line
Rugged Glunz & Jensen plateline construction ensures reliable, flexible and and trouble-free operation.

Glunz & Jensen plateline equipment integrates with all plateline configurations and is adjustable to suit all plate processors. Every single plate line euipment is off course fully compatible to all other Glunz & Jensen equipment.

Glunz & Jensen Offset Processors business

Most offset printers in the world today rely on Glunz & Jensen manufactured processors as a key component in their pre-press system to deliver offset plates with a consistent and predictable image quality.