Unlike the subtractive process of conventional plate making, Glunz & Jensen’s iCtP™ uses an additive approach. Advanced inkjet technology jets a patented Liquid Dot™ formulation onto the plate to add the areas we want to be oleophilic on the printing press. The plate passes through the iCtP Finishing unit to bond the image on to the plate.

There is no light or thermally sensitive coatings associated with conventional CtP, so there is no coating to remove thus no processor and no need for processing chemistry.

The simple, no-fuss approach to imaging directly onto plates makes iCtP plate makers easy to use and environmentally friendly. The lack of film in the plate making process provides for a number of cost advantages as there is no need for a film processor and its associated chemistry and there is no requirement for the manual planning of films prior to plate making. And ultimately, digitally colour separated plates are so accurate that make-ready times are significantly reduced.