Plate Transport

Keeping the plates moving reduces the press start-up time. Glunz & Jensen's plate transport systems ensure the shortest and safest route for your plates from the time they exit the CtP to when they are press-ready. Our innovative conveyor designs offer both horizontal and vertical plate transport solutions.

Our conveyors are designed with the automated, electronic communication and an interface for front-end systems, reporting the plate status, machine status and the plateline status information to the centralized CtP console. These complex system controls can be connected to internet, allowing for direct expert customer support from our factory in USA.

Glunz & Jensen Automation business

Glunz & Jensen is committed to raising production efficiency and reducing production time. Dedicated equipment such as optional barcode readers and custom conveyor lines reduces the operator intervention during production. This in turn, allows for a pressroom with automated plate handling, plate tracking, plate sortation and automatically generated database report files.