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All Glunz & Jensen stackers are carefully designed to ensure that plates are handled delicately as they are automatically collected and stacked. Plates are sorted and stacked quickly and quietly into smooth stacking bins that will not scratch or damage CtP plates.

Our basic two-position collating stacker design can be configured for up to 88 stacking positions or aligned in a double decker configuration, depending on available floor space. In addition, we offer a unique vacuum pick-up on our collating plate stackers.

Glunz & Jensen stackers are available in many sizes and for various functions. All models can be integrated into fully automated platelines and are either controlled by the centralised computer control, or for a more simple configuration, by the plate bender. Selected models can be converted to a trolley for the easy transport of the plates to the press room.

Glunz & Jensen Automation business

Glunz & Jensen is committed to raising production efficiency and reducing production time. Dedicated equipment such as optional barcode readers and custom conveyor lines reduces the operator intervention during production. This in turn, allows for a pressroom with automated plate handling, plate tracking, plate sortation and automatically generated database report files.