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Punch & Bend

We are the pioneers for introducing Vision system to the plate benders of newspaper industry. Our plate bender design is reliable and accurate and our "simple design" punch heads with automatic lubrication system offer guaranteed million punch cycles without re-sharpening.

Each bender is designed to meet the requirements of a customer's press, web and production flow. An experienced technical team works to meet the customer's specification and offer the optimum solution for their plate manufacturing and handling requirements.

Our high-end Alliance benders with barcode reader, conveying systems and multiple stackers can meet the needs of large, high volume newspapers. On the other hand, our PIKA benders provide automation by punching and bending in one station, saving labour and eliminating the human factor for accurately registered, press-ready plates for small volume newspapers. We are certain, whether you are a large daily or rural weekly, Glunz & Jensen has a superior line of plate punch and plate benders to meet your daily needs or to serve as backups to your current plate punch benders. With a Glunz & Jensen plate punch or plate bender you know you will get the highest quality registered plates every time.