Glunz & Jensen is committed to raising production efficiency and reducing production time. Dedicated equipment such as optional barcode readers and custom conveyor lines reduces the operator intervention during production. This in turn, allows for a pressroom with automated plate handling, plate tracking, plate sortation and automatically generated database report files.

Our flexibility of design and innovative engineering offers help to the large and small volume newspapers. Our experienced technical team listens to the customer needs and provides optimum solution for their needs. Our design team offers solution, keeping factors like reliability of operation, simplicity of design, space saving, registration accuracy and ease of maintenance. We also offer our equipments to the commercial printing market.

Glunz & Jensen recently installed 10 automated lines of Glunz & Jensen online CtP processors, punch/benders and central stacking systems at Singapore Press Holdings, making this company the leader for automated solution provider to one of the largest automated newspaper sites in the world.

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